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Commercial Roof Maintenance

Prevent problems and extend the life of your roof with a Texas Plains Roofing commercial roof maintenance program.

A commercial roofing system is the most defenseless part of your property’s exterior in the Texas Panhandle. It’s exposed to wind, rain, hail, snow, and ultraviolet radiation. Any one of these elements can affect your commercial roofing system’s capabilities.

The longevity of a commercial roof is dependent on a number of important factors. Was it designed correctly? Was it properly installed? Did the owners have a preventative maintenance program in place?

You would be surprised how many excellent roofing systems fail in West Texas because they were not properly maintained. Having a roof maintenance program in place is the key to extending the life cycle of your roof.

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Professional Maintenance

Texas Plains Roofing offers commercial roof inspections, regular commercial roof maintenance and commercial roof repair services. Our roof maintenance plan includes visual inspection and necessary repairs by licensed professionals.

Our long term roof maintenance program includes biannual roof inspections. We also regularly inspect after extreme weather events like hailstorms, windstorms, and tornadoes. We believe that early problem detection makes repairs manageable before they become serious. If damage to your roof is detected, we do commercial roof repairs base on your approval as soon as possible.

We closely inspect the areas of a roof that are vulnerable to damage from the elements. These include the flashing and field parts of your roof.

  • Flashing. The majority of leaks in the Texas Panhandle originate in the flashing areas of your roof. We perform a thorough inspection of your facility roof especially skylights, perimeters, walls, penetrations, equipment curbs, and drains. The flashings are more stressed than the membrane of your roof because of thermal shifting, contrasting movement, and UV decomposition.
  • Field. The main area of your roof, excluding flashings, is called the field. A detailed inspection is performed by our licensed professionals. We look for surface wear, lap conditions, and make sure your roof’s overall structural integrity is sound. If we see any developing problems, we will make you aware and with your approval repair or replace what needs to be addressed.

We use a customized maintenance checklist to document the condition of your roof. It is adapted to the specific requirements of your roof and the types of commercial roof damage common to the Texas Panhandle.

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Keep a Roof System Historical File

Property management experts suggest that building owners and facility managers keep an up-to-date roof system historical file. This file should contain a detailed history of the roof. It should include the original roof plans, specifications, and warranties. It’s a good idea to document all the maintenance and roof repairs. And if possible keep samples of the existing roof system’s materials used. The file should be kept as current as possible. It provides a wealth of information for pre-purchase and condition surveys of the property.

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Lack of Maintenance May Exclude Warranties

Texas Plains Roofing offers a seven year workmanship warranty. Our manufacturer’s material warranties are for a longer time, typically 10 to 20 years or longer, depending on the commercial roofing system type. Some steep slope products have warranties up to 50 years.

These material warranties are prorated over the roof system’s life. If your roof develops a problem in the ninth year of a ten year warranty, the manufacturer may pay only 10 percent of the roof’s replacement costs. Keep in mind that his 10 percent is usually based on the original installation price and not today’s replacement cost of your roof.

Routine inspections and conventional maintenance not only extend the expected service life of your roof, they may ensure your materials warranty too. Be sure to carefully read your materials warranty. Many warranties have exclusions based on lack of maintenance.

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